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Time: 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month;

Tuesday at 02:00:00 UTC time/Mondays 6:00pmPacific/Mondays 9:00pmEastern

Show Format:
Great Ideas for Our Show Format (with a lot of help from our friends!)

Looking at the first show, the format seems to be:
1. Introduction/ setting the stage; definitions of the subject
2. Reasons to use that technology in elementary.
3. Examples, pointing out the salient points (links from Diigo group)
4. Barriers to effective implementation or sustainability (roundtable discussion; Alice, Lisa, Jose)
5. Questions/comments/ further discussion (open to webcast participants)
6. Review and wrap up (Solicit feedback for upcoming shows, announce next topic and date for show)
7. Post show

Webcaster Roles:
Show Intro & Outtro: Lisa
Skype Conference; Alice Back up: Maria
Chat room director Lisa Back up: Maria
Main discussion leaders Alice and Maria Back up Jose or Lisa
Streaming Jose Back up Lisa.
Editing audio. Jose Back up Alice
Editing Chat: Maria Back up Alice
Show Preview and Show Notes; Alice Back up Jose
Maintaining Webcast Site and Links on Diggo Alice Back up Lisa
Yugma. Alice Back up Jose
Posting to Edtechtalk Announcing next show topic, edited podcast chat etc...Jose Back up Lisa
Posting to twitter, Ning & other places not yet considered, networking with edtech community on show topics, telling everyone you can: Lisa and Maria Back up Alice or Jose
Getting Guests Lisa

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