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Feedback from Edtechtalk Community Summer 2007
  • Suggest that shows be set-up and planning oriented, and have a review segment so we can get feedback on how things from prior shows worked, also suggest that some shows be two-three episodes (Alice)
  • I like the audio comments people leave as well as text. I definitely think that certain shows do need more than one episode (Jose)
  • I've always wanted to try out actually getting people to learn how to do this during a show... might this be incorporated. Get a newbie and walk them trough creating a wiki for use with their actual students. (dave) Dave, Making Connections does this, and is doing it well, we want to avoid overlap. MC seems to be sandbox, actually using tools, ETK-12 is similar to ETW, but focused on K-12. I think we're going to be closer to the planning sorts of stuff that you see on T3, but not tied into a specific project (which T3 is) -- Alice T3 Teachers Teaching Teachers - Got it (Jose) Ditto (Jose)
  • Not that it's SUPER important... but it might be interesting to discuss the difference between this show and edtechtalkk12... there is room for both of course... just sayin' (dave) Dave, see above --Alice Just start with focus -- I like what Alice put on page About Us. Perhaps this can be our first show. (Jose)
  • One area of opportunity I see for the EdTechTalk community (whether you choose do it on this show or not) is the establishment of "Best in Class" edtech tools and resources that have been put to the test during one (or more) shows. Unfortunately, during EdTechWeekly and on other shows, we tend to only give a quick hit point to the resources without the opporunity for an in-depth trial and recap. CathyE is starting down this path on Tuesday nights and I think it would be great if we took it to the next level by gathering all of these trials we do during (and before and after) the various Edtechtalk shows and establish an EdTechTalk "Best of Class" roundup for the key edtech tools and resources categories (like you have started below - blogging platform, wiki platform, podcast tools, RSS aggregators, etc). For example, spend 1 or more shows on a particular category (say RSS aggregation) and walk through the top 6 or 7 contenders (say GoogleReader, Bloglines, etc) and then set them up and test them live on the air (or report back efforts to get them running). Then, provide the ETT community a list of results (say, the good, the bad, the ugly) that is captured and maintained in a "Best of Class" recommendations (in a wiki or Drupal, etc) that the community can comment on, add to or even vote on (say, using a Drupal voting module). I think it would be very helpful to set up some type of rating criteria that is specific to the edtech teaching community (ease of set up, ease of use, portability, grade level, etc) so that when a teacher needs to decide what tool / resource to use, they have a head start with a list of tested tools ... just my $0.02 about where there is a opportunity in the ETT community (Jen) I want to try to keep some differentiation between what we do, and what Cathy is doing, which is trying stuff out. Maybe we could be more about trying whole modules (a blog, a wiki) rather than one tool (diigo bookmarking, mind maps).Sorta like the difference between thematic units and a lesson? Alice Perhaps focusing on the purpose instead of the tool. Then discussing different tools that will accomplish this. (Jose)
  • I like the idea -- a lot of these kinds of tools are introduced with a secondary bias. A show focused on the elementary level would be welcome. I also think the time slot works pretty well. For show theme topics, it would be good to build on earlier shows, and structure them in such a way that they could collectively form a PD class for teachers. Along those lines, I would probably move RSS up so it's covered earlier. You'll refer to it with blogs, wikis, podcasts, etc., and it would be good if you've