September 10th moodle? Oodles of Moodles [Guest Jim Gates]

September 24th Social Networking: [Guest John Pederson]

October 8th --- Preview k12Online Conference2007 [Guest Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach for October 8th] Listen

October 22nd -- Portals for Learning
Talk about use of Services and Websites like marcopoloeducation. where teachers find resources to present their content in different ways.

November 12; Copyright Issues: Don't Make Us Go Legal on Your Butt! [Invited Aimee Bissonette] and she has accepted
NO SHOW ON 11/26

December 10th RSS: Tagging to a new taxonomy [Invited Steve Hargadon]

December 24th (Holiday Break -- No Show) Vacation! Next Show on January 14th.