2 p.m. PDT/5 p.m. EDT
What's Going On?
A roundtable discussion about current projects in our classroom.

Intro: (1min) [Durff talks] Welcome to It's Elementary Show Autumnal Equinox Webcast-a-thon edition! We are streaming live on the EdTechTalk Channel of the Worldbridges network. This is Lisa Durff, a K12 teacher in Maryland, AND Jose Rodriguez, third grade teacher in Los Angeles CA, AND Alice Mercer, a Elementary computer lab teacher in Sacramento, CA, AND Maria Knee a Kindergarten teacher from Deerfield, NH. Today is Sunday September 23rd 2007.

1.Roundtable with cast

What opportunities are there, what challenges do we face?

2. Review and wrap up

[Alice talks] Summary of what was discussed
Outtro by Maria [Outtro] This has been It's Elementary. Show Autumnal Equinox Show. for Sunday September 23rd, 2007. Thank you for coming. Thanks Jeff Lebow and Dave Cormier and all the edtechtalk community for your support. This has been Maria Knee, Jose Rodriguez, Alice Mercer, and Lisa Durff webcasting live on the edtechtalk channel of the worldbridges network discussing technology in our classrom. Our next show will be tomorrow, Monday September 24th at 11 p.m. GMT as we discuss Getting Connected: plug into the network
Social Networks for professional development. You can check out episodes, leave comments, and find out what's going on at our blog: itselementary [dot] edublogs [dot] org. Thank you for being here. Good Night!

3. Roundtable with audience

Bring in the public