Co-Hosts; Jose Rodriguez, 3rd Grade Teacher at Humphreys Avenue School. Henry Anker,(Mr. Anker's Tests) ITAF Local District 3, Mathew Needlemen ( ) 2nd grade teacher

Thursday August 23rd seems to be the best date. Showtime will be 5:00 PDT 8:00 EDT

Lisa suggest August 27th. Why not for our webcast? Is 30 minutes enough or will it be longer?
Thanks for offering date Lisa. We agreed on the 23rd. We would need full hour. Plan to webcast on Sandbox environment and use webcast academy chatroom.

Topic: Showcase of use of technology in LAUSD schools, K-12.

Strands to Explore;
  • Any Ideas? Perhaps choose 3 different and each of us can research.

Professional Development Opportunities? UPDATE

Special Guests; John Rivera Local District 5 ITAF, Janice Stearns Local District 6 ITAF, Any teachers out there?

Roundtable Discussion

Barrriers to Effective Use of technology

How About Infotech 2007 and student showcases and competitions?

Announcements of events for 2007-08

We have about 20-30 min for presentation 10-20 for roundtable discussion.

Tools needed;
I've used a Skype Conference, Skpecasts have been unreliable lately, or perhaps we can request use of Elluminate. Broadcast would be on and posted as a podcast same week. Text chat in edtechtalk if we are using Skype otherwise presentation with audio and text would be inside Elluminate. I can inquire with Martha Valencia if we can use Elluminate. This would be the most teacher friendly.