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Third show topic: Podcasting -- Listen to Me!

Lisa:Add Wes to backchannel
Lisa: turn on Audacity
Jose: Start Skypeconference (so the streamer has it even if Skype or the stream do what it did to Jeff...)
Jose: Start stream on ETT A 15min to Showtime.
Jose: Turn on Audacity (we ain't gonna lose this!)
Start stream ETT B (both of us, I need your support, like Bartle & Jaymes)
Alice: Drive safely!
When you arrive, you will be our interviewer and watch chat room
Maria: watch chat room, greet people as they enter chat room, skypechat questions from chatroom to Alice
We usually check in 30min before showtime.

Skype names =

Lisa: How are you going to contact Wesley on day of show. You need to do Skype check (audio) etc.. with him prior to show date. Also; If he isn't updating wiki then he needs to have our final Agenda Maybe by Tue; Aug 7 to review and give us feedback by Fri?? Will do soundcheck with him 30 minutes before the show.

1. Introduction/ setting the stage; definitions of the subject

Intro: (1min) [Durff talks] Welcome to It's Elementary Show Three, titled: Podcasts -- Just listen to me! We are streaming live on the EdTechTalk Channel of the Worldbridges network. This is Lisa Durff, a K12 teacher in Maryland, AND Jose Rodriguez, third grade teacher in Los Angeles CA, AND Alice Mercer, a fifth grade teacher in Sacramento, CA, AND Maria Knee a Kindergarten teacher from Deerfield, NH with our guest Wesley Fryer, from Edmond, OK (vitae at

Durff talks; What is podcasting?
  • An audio (or video) file stored somewhere on the Web that can be subscribed to (syndicated)
Podcasting is an audio story, either fiction or nonfiction. So, Alice why would you want to create podcasts in your classroom?

2. Reasons to use that technology in elementary

[Alice talks] Why should you use podcasting in the classroom?

[Wesley Fryer talks] Explains why would you want to create podcasts in your classroom
(Look for the opportunities to podcast - book discussions, sharing information, classroom events/news, field trip fun, instructing others)

3. Examples, pointing out the salient points (links from Diigo group)

[Alice talks]
(Listening to other podcasts is important way for children to learn. My class listens to many - get ideas, learn from others, more ways to collaborate. Podcasts are also a way for teachers to have meaningful Prof. Development. I think this is an important point to make - somewhere/sometime.)
[Wesley Fryer talks] Thoughts on two strands class podcasts and professional development;

Examples of podcasts from our show hosts: How have we used podcasts in our classrooms?
storytelling Coordinator's Office
KinderKids Podcasts

4. Guest: Wesley Fryer, the author of Moving at the Speed of Creativity,

talks about

5. Opportunities and barriers to effective implementation or sustainability: How can you use it, what can get in the way from starting or keeping it up?(roundtable discussion; Wesley Fryer, Alice, Maria, Jose)

Mr. Fryer, please add any additions, etc. to this list
  • MUST COVER: Hey, copyright affects you to! Learn about it.
  • Optional Points: hosting of audio
  • District blocking/bandwidth issues
  • Time and editing: How to avoid doing it all
  • Hand-off, developing your student talent

6. Review and wrap up (announce next topic and date for show)

Alice; Reviews Salient Points. and Invites chatroom partipants and those listening to the stream to join skype conference.

7. [Outtro] (Lisa Talks) This has been It's Elementary. Show Three Podcasts -- Listen to Me! thank you for coming. Special thanks to our special guest Wesley Fryer. Thanks Jeff Lebow and Dave Cormier and all the edtechtalk community for your support. This has been Lisa Durff, Jose Rodriguez, & Alice Mercer webcasting live on the edtechtalk channel of the worldbridges network discussing Podcasts -- Listen to Me. Our next show will be Monday August 27th on Essentials of Web 2.0 Classroom. You can check out episodes, leave comments, and find out what's going on at our blog: itselementary [dot] edublogs [dot] org. Thank you for being here. Good Night!

8. Post show (Feedback)